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North Brooklyn Waterfront May Get Lots of Affordable Housing

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Three new development projects with a hefty amount of affordable housing may be coming to Greenpoint and Williamsburg. The three projects at 420-430 Kent Avenue, 462-490 Kent Avenue, and 145 and 155 West Street have appealed to the area community boards to renew their permits after 2008's economic climate prohibited them from moving forward. If the towers rise, they will collectively bring 450 affordable apartments to Northern Brooklyn, says DNAinfo.

1) 420-430 Kent Avenue: The owner of the former Kedem Winery lot, now the site of Cine Magic Riverfront Studios, has requested to renew a 2006 permit to build an 18- and 24-story tower which will have a combined 450 apartments.

2) 462-490 Kent Avenue: Five years ago Brooklyn's Community Board 1 instantly dismissed the fairly large Rose Plaza on the River development, despite the City Planning Commission's approval to rezone the area for the proposed five buildings with 754 units. The fate of the project was uncertain last year after owner Isack Rosenberg put the lot up for sale for $210 million amidst earlier allegations that he faced bankruptcy. The project recently came back in front of CB1, who's already voted to support renewing permits on the project.

3) 145 and 155 West Street: Community Board 1 has also given their support to a 39-story mixed-use development that includes another building with 140 units of affordable housing. Because plans for the building were developed before the city's new zoning laws, the site will be allowed to have a separate, wholly affordable building. The project was put on hold following the post-recession credit freeze, but not before garnering a few renderings compliments of Ismael Leyva.

All of the projects will bring a community green space to the area.
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