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These Park Slope Apartments Have an Ideal Renter in Mind

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The 15 units at Ideal Properties Group's Fourth Avenue and 15th Street development have launched leasings, with smaller apartments renting from $3,800 and larger apartments from $3,900. The building, to be known as 548 Fourth, rises nine stories in the relatively low-lying Park Slope, allowing it to, as the building's website touts, "[make] a wonderful bedfellow of that glorious, brilliant ball in the sky." Oh good, it gets sunlight. The building has two apartment layouts, A and B, both of which have two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The apartments have a decent amount of closet space where renters can "hide all [of their] personal items from the glaring scrutiny of the in-laws" and they also come with washers and dryers that will "get the wine stains out the morning after." 'Stoner points out that the building joins the rise of Fourth Avenue, which includes a new Karl Fischer building at the corner of Sixth Street.

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