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This 240-Square-Foot UWS Studio Has a Crawl-In Library

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When an architect's client is an anthropology professor who has spent the past 30-some years living between a 240-square-foot New York City studio and a single-room hut in a West African village, where do they start? For Tim Seggerman, it was with the disorderliness and lack of visual simplicity of the rotting Upper West Side brownstone studio he was tasked to renovate. Seggerman enlisted the design ideals of legendary furniture maker George Nakashima to create a "crafted jewel box" of blonde wood constructed with, as Dwell puts it, "precision joinery". Seggerman's reworking of the formerly joyless space renders, really, a blonde cabinet of delight, from the "glorified cubby" that serves as the home's crawl-in library to the banded maple ceiling. Dwell and Curbed National have more insight on the process of turning this tiny, dingy dwelling into a spacious, clean home.

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