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Judge Lifts Restraining Order for Prospect-Lefferts Tower

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A judge has dismissed the lawsuit that sought to block 626 Flatbush Avenue, the 23-story tower coming to Prospect-Lefferts Gardens. The development had previously been halted by a temporary restraining order, but Judge Peter Moulton wrote that the Housing Finance Authority, which conducted a review of the project, "carefully weighed the environmental consequences of the project and found them to be slight." As a result, developer Hudson Companies is free to get back to work on the tower and the neighbors who have been protesting against it are left fuming. The Prospect Park East Network, who had filed the suit, says it plans to appeal, but it seems that the battle is lost, and that the individuals involved know that and are already looking to the future. "Once people will see what Hudson has done, maybe they will finally come together and decide that it is something they have to stop from happening throughout the community," one neighbor told the Daily News, while a PPEN member told Brooklyn Paper, "If someone wants to come to the neighborhood and build something out of scale, they'll know we're going to fight it." Hey, if you can't beat the developers, at least you can be a huge pain in their collective ass.
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626 Flatbush Avenue

626 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225