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400 West 42nd Hotel Design Just Got Way More Boring

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The weird, funky design for 400 West 42nd Street (a.k.a 577 Ninth Avenue) was toast as soon as Handel Architects was replaced by SLCE Architects, but we didn't know exactly how much the redone design would stray from the original until now, as new renderings have been posted on the construction site fence. (Many thanks to the tipster who passed them along.) The new building appears to be slightly wider and shorter, but the overall scale looks about the same. It will rise to 25 stories and will include 35 condominium units average a little over 1,000 square feet each, as well as 527 tiny 250-square-foot hotel pods. The hotel is being developed, according to DOB permits, by the brothers Friedman, Bruce and Robert, who also developed The Lara.
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