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Summer in NYC at One of These 11 Beautiful, Pricey Rentals

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Ain't no cure for the summertime blues like... some of the priciest digs in the Big Apple? Combing StreetEasy for luxurious, well-designed, and just darn beautiful apartments available just for the summer months has resulted in this round-up of 11 very expensive rentals. Take, for example, this four-bedroom, three-bathroom in Nolita, which is asking $29,000 for the privilege of crashing amid its artsy, perfectly eclectic surrounds. It's available from June to August, and whoever sleeps in one of the children's room might come away with a newfound allegiance to the Queen after a season sleeping in the adorable four-poster toy soldier bed. Sure beats a hotel for a multi-month stay with the family.

↑ Nothing says summer like "abundant custom cabinetry." The 2BR/2BA Soho co-op pictured above has a glass-enclosed rain shower, deep soaking tub, and custom vanity. There's also heated flooring—not that you'll be needing it, since any renter's gotta be out by September 1. Cost: $18,000/month.

↑ You had us at ping-pong table. Another two-bedroom offering in Soho has more funky design, a wood-paneled open kitchen, and a teddy bear sporting a top hat, all for $20,000.

↑ Q: Where can you find a temperature-controlled wine cellar, limestone master bath, soaking tub, wet bar, and barrel-vaulted ceilings? A: At this Noho 3BR/3.5BA, for $25,000 a month, but they'll kick you out on October 30.

↑ Yet another short-term rental in Soho—ah, its residents must be fleeing all the tourists—is "bright" and "restrained," according to the brokerbabble, but the same can't be said about the $28,000 price tag. Available from June to August, it's a perfect fit for renters with a penchant for minimalism.

↑ Over in Tribeca, a two-bed, two-bath apartment with a sizable roof deck and and additional terrace is renting for $30,000. There's a Jacuzzi and comfy outdoor seating for endless summer shenanigans.

↑ Things that make up for spending the summer in this Midtown abode (and spending $30,000/month to do so)? 1) Lots of wacky art. 2) A nice, spacious balcony. 3) Windowed bathrooms. 4) Concierge service, since it's in a hotel + condos building. Sold?

↑ Here's some middle ground between a hotel and an apartment: a black-and-purple-clad apartment at Essex House on Central Park South costs $40,000 per month for a stay from July to August. Rent includes weekly housekeeping, complimentary Wi-Fi, and fitness center access. Room service will be extra, but the park views? Those are included.

↑ If turnkey hotels aren't your thing, for the same price of $40,000 you could instead hunker down in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom Chelsea pad. It comes with a roof terrace and "jaw-dropping technology," like remotely operated lights and, well, what must be a very cutting-edge Murphy bed. It's up for lease from July to September.

↑ Pool table? Check. Down in Little Italy, a 3BR/3.5BA also has a cushioned bathtub, a sweet terrace, an awesome projector screen for watching some flicks.... and a $45,000/month price tag. It could be yours for June and July.

↑ Eleven-room rental seeks big family ready for some summer fun on the Upper East Side. At the Lucida, a five-bedroom, five-bathroom apartment is up for rent for the summer only. All bedrooms have an en-suite bath, and it's "designer-decorated," which come with a price: $45,000.
—Hannah Frishberg
· StreetEasy Rentals [official]

70 West 45th Street

70 West 45th Street, New York, NY 10036

The Lucida

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