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First Look: East 12th Street's Garage-to-Condos Conversion

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On this Monday, thanks be to tipsters—and you can be one, too—who send in never-before-seen photos of and information about new developments. This time, the sneak preview is for the parking lot-to-condos conversion on 12th Street between University Place and Fifth Avenue. It'll house nine apartments total, eight full-floor residences and one duplex, and the three- and four-bedrooms will start from $14 million. More than a prior rough look at the facade, these renderings reveal some pretty sweet terraces for the upper floors where the setbacks start. Some other details about the interiors: there will be 11' ceilings; electronic kitchen cabinetry that opens by touch; folding glass walls; herringbone oak floors; and wood-burning fireplaces (for now, right?). There's a planned automatic parking system, which sounds a lot like the "robot parking" designed for Cetra/Ruddy's new condos one block to the north on East 13th.

Developed by Rigby Asset Management and designed by Bromley Caldari Architects, the building's got signage and a teaser site, sales will launch soon, and occupancy is expected in spring 2015.

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