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This Boring Box of Apartments is Coming to Attorney Street

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Dwellers on Attorney Street off of East Houston, be advised: ear plugs will be a sound investment for the coming years. Like its across-the-street neighbor at 155 Attorney Street, 164 Attorney Street will soon welcome a new seven-story residential development. The site's existing Three Amigo Auto Repair will be partially demolished to make room for the rather unexciting 22-apartment building with ground-floor retail that Bowery Boogie first glimpsed. DOB filings indicate that each story will house four apartments, but for the two-apartment penthouse floor. The building will have the standard bells and whistles: some kind of rooftop "recreational area", and car and bike parking. The pretty plain box's architect is Newman Design Group.

Demolition permits were approved for Three Amigos' across-the-street neighbor at 155 Attorney Street, a former beer distribution center, in mid-May. The site will give rise to a seven-story residential building with 37 apartments. Studio V designed the snazzier building that is being developed by Midtown Equities.