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Condos Probably Coming to the Holland Tunnel Entrance

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572 Broome Street, the subject of a 2006 New York Times piece about what it's like to live right next to a highway or tunnel entrance, has sold for $12.32 million to a buyer identified as Soho Broome Condos, LLC. We consulted Detective Sherlock Holmes, and he informed us that the name of the LLC likely indicates that the buyers plan on converting the building into condos. Based on the sale price, one can assume that they will be relatively nice condos. They will also be located two buildings away from the entrance to the Holland Tunnel.

The seller told the Times in '06 that she was used to the noise from the tunnel, but she has reason to be, having spent her entire life living in the building, which her aunt and uncle purchased in 1955 for $18,500. Prospective condo buyers have not built up the same immunity to what the article describes as "not so much a noise as it is a hum: a low murmur of thousands of engines, neither loud nor soft, the slow, slow ballad of the New York City traffic jam." Sounds... tolerable?
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