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Capturing 126 Gritty, Graffiti-Covered New York City Doors

Zine-maker Carnage NYC shoots graffiti across the city, and over the last three years has documented tagged doorways in Lower Manhattan—Chinatown, the East Village, the Lower East Side—as well as in Williamsburg, Greenpoint, and Bushwick, among other neighborhoods. He's just published a zine featuring 126 doors over 96 pages, and it's available now for $25. Here's why graffiti (and, perhaps more significantly, its absence) is one way of chronicling a changed New York:

As an outside observer, I am mostly interested in how these doors fit in with their immediate context and acquire layers of color and character over time. Since many city neighborhoods have cleaned up considerably over the last ten years or so, doors with real depth and quality are becoming increasingly rare. Regardless of artistic merits or legal questions, the disappearance of graffiti means that increasingly New York looks just like any other city—populated by banks, pharmacies and chain stores. There are lots of positives associated with that, but the loss of character is an inevitable side effect. But change happens, and kids will be kids.

There are only 600 copies of the zine being printed. For more images, check out Carnage NYC's Flickr gallery.
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