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Attractive Brick Townhouses Ready to Rise on Pacific Street

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It's so refreshing to see a rendering and not think with "ew" or "ugh" or "dear God, what is this?!" When tipster-sent images of the planned townhouses for 321-325 Pacific Street hit our inbox, we actually thought, "Wow, those look quite lovely." The renderings show four four-story brick homes with cornices, carriage house-like garage doors, and setback top floors. The design pretty much perfectly matches what developer Bluerock Real Estate said last year when they filed plans: "They're mostly brick, but there will be some brownstone. We're trying to develop an architectural vocabulary from the neighborhood; a couple of them will look like carriage houses, and the one without a garage will refer more to the brownstone character."

New York YIMBY scoped out the zoning diagrams and permits filed with the Department of Buildings, and the homes are actually being constructed as just two buildings, but each will be split. The architect of record is Gary Kleisch.

The site, located on the corner of Hoyt Street, was previously occupied by a parking lot, and excavation for the new buildings is now underway. The houses are in good company when it comes to new townhouses in Brooklyn, and they'll likely be listed for stupidly high prices. The recently-finished 9 Townhouse just north of these Pacific Street houses all sold for well over $3 million, with the most expensive closing coming in at $4.2 million.
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