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The First Design-Crowdsourced Hotel Will Look Like This

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Late last year, Manhattan-based firm Prodigy Network launched a competition to crowdsource the design for a new Financial District "cotel", a building that fuses an extended-stay hotel with a co-working space. The international competition was broken into three categories: public space, private space, and digital services (the last of which we care not about—sorry, folks). Somewhat surprisingly, the winning designs pull together a cohesive (and highly trendy) look for the new establishment coming to 17 John Street. Along with the addition to the art deco building of the eight-story glass topper designed by Winka Dubbeldam, the cotel looks like it will be a pretty cool place.

Prodigy Design Lab's jury might have had a bit more of a heavy hand than they let on in steering the cotel's final design—especially because the winning submission in private space garnered just 288 votes versus the most crowd-favorited design with 1,416 votes—but looking at the variety of questionable designs people submitted, that might be a good thing. According to A/N, interested parties can now buy $50,000 shares in the building, referred to as Real Estate Participation.
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