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Mapping 9,470 New Brooklyn Apartments Hitting the Market

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According to Zillow-owned rental search engine Hotpads, there are at least 7,000 new apartments getting built in Manhattan right now. The site applied the same methodology—drawing data from ALN—to map all of the ongoing and upcoming residential construction in Brooklyn. No surprise here: the development boom in the borough is bigger than Manhattan's by a sizable amount. Hotpads has counted 28 buildings on the rise in King's County, with a total of 9,470 new apartments among them. That's two fewer buildings than planned for Manhattan, but because many of them are towers housing hundreds of units (hello, Domino), the total number of apartments coming to Brooklyn is higher. To be sure, some of the projects are low-rise—but many are game-changers, like the 774-unit Gowanus Green and, nearby, Lightstone's 700-rental complex along the canal.

See any buildings that Hotpads missed, whether they're in the research phase, under construction, or newly opened? Drop us a note in the comments or at the ever-anonymous, always-open tipline.
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