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Reade Street Manse Designed By Museum Architect Asks $18M

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It seems an unwise decision to include a hidden, subterranean vault on the floorplan for a multi-million dollar residence (aren't those things supposed to be secret?), but oh hey, here's an $18 million mansion at 148 Reade Street that comes with a thief-friendly floorplan, mapping out the below-street vault. It even notes where the curb line is. There are no listing pictures of the vault (that would definitely be unwise), but there are plenty of visuals showing off the rest of the 25-foot-wide house, which was originally built in the late 1990s by Guenther Petrarca. Architect Richard Gluckman, the go-to designer for museums (he's done the Andy Warhol Museum, the Whitney, and Gagosian Gallery), renovated the space, adding features like "custom copper, magnetic doors" and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. So as to not disrupt the huge facade window, the third floor features a "floating" office that's open to below, and there's a duplex rooftop terrace. The whole thing measures 6,800 square feet. Is it worth $2,646 per square foot?

· Listing: 148 Reade Street [Nestseekers via StreetEasy]
· Gluckman Mayner Architects [official]