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Kentile Floors Sign Being Taken Down Right Now

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We all knew this day was coming, but not that it would come so soon. The Kentile Floors sign, or as it is now known, the NTILE FLOORS sign, is being dismantled today. So far, the K and the E are gone. This probably throws a wrench in the plans of the artists who were going to illuminate the iconic sign tonight using high powered projectors aimed from the street.

After news of the sign's imminent demise broke at the beginning of this month, the community rallied to save it, and managed to extract a promise from building owner Elyahu Cohen to turn the dismantled sign over to the Gowanus Alliance so that they could install it somewhere else. We — and they — have no idea where that's going to be, though. In fact, if you can think of a suitable location they'd probably love to hear about it.

This also seems like as good a time as any to address the fact that there is an Australian guy with the Kentile Floors sign tattooed on his back.

UPDATE: And there goes the N, and the top of the T.

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