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Comment Of The Day

"When the Dakota was built, the top floor was strictly for servants quarters and and also held a gymnasium and children's playroom. There was never any of the ornate details found in the residential portion below the attic level. Perhaps it is true that some more institutional period detail was stripped away in the subsequent years, but it is likely that happened long before it was desirable to retain such detail. Most of the old world pre-war buildings provided a room for each maid (usually off of the kitchen) inside the apartment, and male servants usually referred to as "man-servants" were usually required to live in either a bunk-house on top of the roof or under the roof in the attic. This is why so many "penthouses" in super fancy pre-war buildings aren't all that fabulous."—24gotham [Modern Penthouse With Dakota's Only Terrace Wants $7.2M]