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UWS Church May Gain Two Stories and Seven Apartments

A partial church-to-residential conversion seems like it will soon be underway at the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church at 142 West 81st Street between Columbus and Amsterdam avenues. According to new filings spotted by Buzz Buzz Home, the five-story church is gearing up for a two-story addition and renovation lead by DXA Studio that will bring seven apartments to the building. The church plans to maintain 4,492-square-feet of community space while devoting 21,052-square-feet to the new, rather large pads. Schedule A filings indicate that the building's two-story addition will be home to a duplex apartment. The property, which has been owned by the Baptist church since 1976, was the subject of a 2006 proposed plan to "preserve the [building] facade, demolish the church behind it and build a new, smaller sanctuary and other facilities plus market-rate residential spaces for sale or rent," says a blog formerly run by now Borough President Gale Brewer's office. No word yet on if the proposed renovations share any similarities, but we've reached out to DXA for more intel and juicy tidbits on the addition.
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