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Will This Love Lane Mews Condo Also Sell for a Crazy Amount?

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Last week a unit in Brooklyn Heights' Love Lane Mews sold for almost $1 million over the asking price, fetching either $2,233 or $1,723 per square foot, depending on who you choose to believe about the apartment's overall size. (There is some debate, with the brokers claiming one number and the actual listing and some commenters claiming another, but that is neither here nor there.) Either way, it got way more money than could reasonably be expected, which makes this new Love Lane Mews listing very interesting. A two-bed, two-bath duplex with a large private terrace, it was purchased in 2012 for $2.04 million and has now been put back on the market for $2.675 million, or $1,584 per square foot. Considering the very recent history, the owner could possibly get away with asking even more. This is definitely one to keep our eye on.

· Listing: 9 College Place #3G [TOWN]
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9 College Place

9 College Place, Brooklyn, NY