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A-Rod Allegedly Banned from 15 Central Park West

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Disgraced baseball star Alex Rodriguez is being prevented from moving back into 15 Central Park West, where he once rented a two-bedroom apartment for $30,000/month, the Daily News reports. The reason? You guessed it: it's because he introduced the inside of the swanky limestone tower to too many prostitutes.

In his book House of Outrageous Fortune: Fifteen Central Park West, The World's Most Powerful Address, Michael Gross wrote that while he was a resident in the Limestone Jesus A-Rod was known for his love of call girls, "usually two at a time, twice a week." Since he lived there for two years (February of 2009 to February of 2011, give or take), at a rate of four prostitutes per week, that would mean that he brought roughly 416 prostitutes into an apartment that was on the market for $55 million, assuming he never employed the same prostitute more than once — unlikely, since he probably established favorites, but possible if you imagine that A-Rod is on a life mission to find the perfect prostitute but none of them have been able to measure up to his own face or hindquarters. Actually, that sounds pretty plausible.

In addition to the whole prostitute thing, it seems as though the people running the building, much like, well, pretty much everyone, just don't like A-Rod. One staffer told Gross, "One time he had two [prostitutes] go up, they came and left, and 10 minutes later, Cameron Diaz walks in. He doesn't care. I hate the guy," while another described him as a "douche."
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15 Central Park West

15 Central Park West, Manhattan, NY 10023