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Multi-Colored Residential Development Coming to Bed-Stuy

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BRP Companies is developing this ten-story, 50-unit apartment building at 27 Albany Avenue in Bed-Stuy. The project will be 20 percent affordable housing and will receive funding from the Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

The design, from David Stuart and Marvin Meltzer of Montroy Andersen DeMarco, will feature a multi-colored facade with some brick, some paneling, and setbacks for planted terraces — sort of like a much more inoffensive Donskoy. There will be 6,354 square feet of commercial space, 8,630 square feet of community facility space, and the other 47,656 square feet will be residential. The project is expected to be competed in March of 2015, according to Loci architecture's website. Loci serves as a consultant on the project.
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