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28 Rentals With Parking Coming to Bed-Stuy's Macon Street

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A new five-story, 28-apartment development is nearing completion on Macon Street between Throop and Tompkins avenues. According to a representative of developer H Holding Group, the building will be rentals that should hit the market in the next eight to ten weeks. While other details on the building are scant, the Schedule A says it will have 15 parking spaces, a laundry room, bike parking, and a roof deck. We walked by the site yesterday, and it looks pretty darn good.

The site sold to Mgsh Properties, an affiliate of H Holding Group, for $760,000 in 2012. Here's where things get interesting: the property was formerly owned by the United Order of Tents, an organization DNAinfo describes as "an African-American women's group that dates back to the Civil War era." Some Brownstoner sleuthing turned up that the group divided the lot for tax purposes in 2011, and still owns an 1863 landmarked mansion that sits on the site's other half at 87 MacDonough Street.