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Who Wants to Rent Mayor de Blasio's Park Slope House?

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First family the de Blasios are in the process of moving into Gracie Mansion and expect to be fully moved by September, which raises the question of what they're planning on doing with their three-bed, one-bath Park Slope home. According to the Post, they might be renting it. (The author of the piece seems to take some sort of issue with this because de Blasio is getting "a free ride at Gracie Mansion," which makes perfect sense. In the interest of fairness, he should just let his Park Slope house rot. Such is the way of the noble landowner.) Although the intel sounds a little shaky (de Blasio is "talking to confidants" and his spokeswoman said that, "It's still being decided") that doesn't stop the speculation. A broker told the Post that the house could "probably get, conservatively speaking, at least $5,000 a month," plus another $1,500 for the cachet of living in the mayor's house, for a total of 6,500 hypothetical dollars per month. If the de Blasios decided to sell, the house could go for $2.2 or $2.3 million, which the broker called a "conservative guesstimate."
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