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A 19-Story Tower is Rising on a Site Once Owned By Senegal

New renderings have surfaced for a mixed-use building at 235 East 44th Street, one of two adjacent lots purchased by the Republic of Senegal for $23.9 million in 2009, then sold for $25 million at the end of 2013. The site has a clamorous past: following several kerfuffles involving questionable legal shenanigans and developer shopping, Senegal sold the contentious sites. Now, Adam Gordon of Pride Builders is bringing a mixed-use tower to the block between Second and Third avenues.

YIMBY speculates, despite DOB filings, that the Gerner Kronick + Valcarel-designed tower will rise 19 stories, cover 70,000-square-feet, and have office space on the first two floors. The new design supersedes earlier plans for a 22-story, 20-apartment (or 12-apartment, depending who's asked) mixed-use development aided by real estate investor Ron Yeffet. Now that Yeffet's out, Gordon's in, and there's excavators on the site, it seems reasonable to believe that the building will be more than a rendering by spring of 2015.
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