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Sail Away Into High Design Seas With This Rockaway Houseboat

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First glimpses of this remodeled houseboat, moored at a Rockaway dock, is enough to incite dreams of lazy summer shindigs and shenanigans. For the eight friends who pitched in to buy and remodel it three years ago, that dream is, lo, a reality. The Sundance House Barge was built in 1986 for a Goldman Sachs executive, but its second (or third) life is as a hip haven, aesthetically orchestrated by the co-founders of Brooklyn design company Fredericks & Mae, Gabe Cohen and Jolie Signorile, and six of their friends. During the remodel, the buds ripped-out mildewed carpets, repainted, and reupholstered. The friends furnished the four-bunk boat with cheapy Craigslist finds and accents from the lovely (albeit pricey) Fredericks & Mae to create the ultimate summer haven where they, and up to 120 of their closest friends, can party down. More views below, and even more on Remodelista.

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