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Big Reveal: $1.6 Million for a Garden Duplex on the UWS

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The guesses were varied for this week's Pricespotter, a garden duplex in the West 80s. One commenter, cdrm1980 hit it right on the nose, though, with a guess of $1.6 million. The runner up, iluvnyc, guessed $1.59 million and wrote, "Too much of the UES seems stuck in the 70s... That fireplace could use either some white paint or a few sheets of corten steel! And yes, if you enter the apt, THAT room cannot/should not (except in this crazy market) be called a bedroom! Study, den, library, dining room, maybe..." And coming in third was CountessLuAnne, who chimed in, "I can't even put into words how revolting this property is to me...that said, I'll go with $1,595,000. There's a reason it's empty and not even staged."

· Listing: 342 West 85th Street #1B [TOWN]
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