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How NYU Will Transform 'The Ugliest Building in Brooklyn'

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Poor 370 Jay Street. Once an exemplar of post-war modernism, these days it's been deemed one of the five ugliest buildings in Brooklyn (albeit in a highly unscientific poll). The L-shaped structure between Willoughby Street and Renaissance Plaza in Downtown Brooklyn used to house part of the MTA, but it was snatched up by New York University in 2012. Maybe its reputation will change, now that its design details were just unveiled. Rather than a total overhaul, NYU will restore the building and use it as classrooms. The facade will become lighter via the reparation of its original limestone, and the whole makeover will be energy-efficient, with more than 1,000 window replacements, special shades for heat management, a one-megawatt wind turbine, and a green roof.

If the Public Design Commission OKs the project, then construction can begin as early as 2015, with expected completion in 2017.
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