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Documented Manhunter Cuts Time Warner Duplex Ask to $35M

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That snow-white Tony Ingrao-designed duplex at the Time Warner Center? Two points of note: 1) Its price just got chopped again, to $35M, and 2) Its owner, according to the Daily News, is none other than Cheryl Mercuris. Who? She's a "self-made millionaire" in marketing who all respectable news outlets emphasize is blond; she spends most of her time in Florida and, oh yes, infamously shelled out $500,000 for a two-week Hamptons rental in 2010 in order to land a man. Her four-bedroom apartment on the TWC's 54th and 55th floors listed last year for $50 million, the News reports. The price first got chopped in April, to $42.5 million, so the current ask (after she got "real about the price") is a hefty 30 percent lower than the original. Even so, Mercuris picked up the two units in this combo in 2004 and 2008 for a total of just $11 million, so she's going to pocket a profit either way. No public word yet, though, whether she's pocketed a husband by now.

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