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What $4,800/Month Can Rent You Around New York City

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Welcome back to Curbed Comparisons, where we explore what you can rent for a set dollar amount in various New York City neighborhoods. Is one man's studio another man's townhouse? Let's find out! Today's price: $4,800/month.

↑ In Park Slope, a two-bed, two-bath garden duplex is going for $4,700/month. It was "originally renovated by the owner," which seems like an ambiguous way of saying that is hasn't been renovated in a while, but it still looks very nice and has retained a bunch of original details included two (now decorative) fireplaces. There's also a cat that is wondering why you're taking a picture of it.

↑ On the Upper East Side, you can get a three-bed, three-bath apartment that looks like it's brand new with affected wall paneling to give it a little of that prewar flair. It's asking $4,800/month.

↑ This two-bed, one-bath on the Williamsburg waterfront really has the whole converted-industrial-loft thing down, with concrete flooring and exposed brick walls. It has a Juliet balcony in each room, and central air, and it's asking $4,900/month.

↑ In the West Village, this duplex two-bed, two-bath is a little difficult to piece together from the photos, but there is a room with very high ceilings and a big arched window. It wants $4,800/month. The building also has a gym.

↑ On the Upper West Side, up around 99th Street, a 782-square-foot two-bedroom is going for $4,855/month. It's packed with original details, and the building has a whole bunch of amenities, including a garage, roof deck, elevator, gym, and lounge.

↑ And in Brooklyn Heights, this three-bed, two-path pad is in the process of being renovated, so it'll presumably look something like this, but better. It's located in an elevator building and has an in-unit washer/dryer. It wants $4,795/month.

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