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The Last Three Condos Left at 56 Leonard Are All Penthouses

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Herzog & de Meuron's Jenga tower o' expensive condos, 56 Leonard, has a pretty epic StreetEasy page. It says that 138 apartments are in contract. But the most bonkers thing about it is that, actually, the last "regular" apartment, 44 West, which listed for $14 million, is now also in contract. That leaves just three apartments still on the market—and they're all penthouses. Ever since the building's post-downturn relaunch in February of 2012, it's been making headlines in the ca$h-money sphere, with, for example, a unit once in contention for a downtown record and a $300,000 storage unit. If buyers want in on this Tribecan madness between Church and West Broadway, they have three penthouses to choose from, with the most expensive being a full-floor five-bedroom on the 58th floor, which wants $33,000,000.

PH52A, a 4BR/4.5BA, is asking $18.75 million.

Last but not least, unless you think $16.5 million is a pittance, is PH52B, another 4BR/4.5BA.

It's also been a blast to watch this bizarro angular structure rise out of the ground at long last, and compare it to the renderings. So let the penthouse buyers duke it out for these starchitect-designed perches as Curbed continues to assess its ascent from afar the ground.
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56 Leonard St

56 Leonard Street, Manhattan, NY 10013