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Extell Decides Not to Finish Townhouse, Lists It for $65M

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Extell Development has decided, the hell with trying to design living spaces for billionaires, let's just let the billionaires do their own designing, and has listed almost 10,000 square feet of raw space next door to the Carlton House for $65 million. It's not a move being undertaken out of laziness, however — as the director of sales for the home explained to the Daily News, at that price point most buyers essentially like to design their own homes anyway, so in a way, not designing anything may be the best way to cater to superrich clientele. But it's not without its risks. Another broker contends that even when buyers want to design their own place, they still don't like to pay for an unfinished product, preferring instead to get a complete apartment, tear it apart, and start from scratch. Perhaps a trip to Home Depot is in order here. The unfinished limestone townhouse is five stories and 35 feet wide and will come with 5,000 square feet of outdoor space and access to the Carlton House's extensive list of amenities.
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