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New York Times Takes a Look at One 57

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As One57 sees its first trickle of buyers taking up residence, The New York Times decided to scoot on over to the fabled megatower, dropping a choice load of silly quotes and facts on us in the process.

Amidst the expected crop of Russian oligarchs and secretive foreign businessmen, there's a curious mix of buyers at One57. Like, hey, remember Yu-Ting and Yu-Wen Huang, former residents of the Time Warner Center who abandoned that veritable crack house for fresher climes on 57th Street? Well, it looks like a few more TWC residents are jumping ship, such as Saddle River, NJ pied-à-terre owners Linda Phillips and her husband, who were attracted by the views and the close proximity to Bergdorf Goodman (a fifteen minute schlep to the Fifth Avenue store has been cut to a mere five minute stroll/ten second Uber ride!)

There are also buyers like Leland A. Swanson (an owner of a vitamin business in Fargo, ND) and Terry B. Johnson (heir to a string of Duluth, MN car dealerships), who sound like they should be characters in the next season of Fargo.

Some buyers ("those who purchased in the $50 million range") love Extell so much they are even considering buying apartments in 225 West 57th Street, the developer's upcoming 100-story tower two blocks away. Talk about brand loyalty.

"They are going to love this building and enjoy it," said Sotheby's broker Nikki Field, "but when there is a newer, shinier, prettier gal, they may decide to cash out and go for the next one." Billionaires! They're just like you when you decide to upgrade your phone.

And of course, no article about One57 would be complete without a discussion of flipping ("I am flipping it as soon as I close," said one buyer) and the building's amenities. Sure, there's the Park Hyatt concierge/room service, but did you know that residents have access to the hotel pool and "can listen via underwater speakers to the sound of a playlist curated by Carnegie Hall's programming team" while swimming laps?

Unfortunately, that playlist probably doesn't include any Wu-Tang.
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