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St. John the Divine's Hated Residential Tower, Revealed (Sorta)

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Harlem Bespoke walked by St. John the Divine and noted that the blue plywood is up and a rendering has been posted for the church's controversial towers. It only shows the ground level and part of the facades of both buildings, but it's enough to see that it doesn't look very old-historic-brick-church-y. This is the first we've seen of the two apartment buildings, which were previously represented as diagrammatic red rectangles. The verdict? Take it away, neighborhood blogger HB:

It appears that the church also fondly known as St. John the Unfinished has worked with the developer to have some sort of side entrance to be built as part of the plan but it all somehow looks very 1960s and non-contextual. When done right, something modern like the glass pyramid at The Louvre in Paris can often compliment a grand work of old architecture but this new addition located between Amsterdam and Morningside Drive is rather heavy-handed in our opinion. Neighbors, it's your turn.
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