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'Yuppie Boxes' Rising Steadily on Dekalb Avenue in Bed-Stuy

The breathtaking (in a bad way) development coming to 785 Dekalb Avenue in Bed-Stuy is taking shape, with three of six stories already stacked, Brownstoner reports. The highly upsetting rendering was vandalized shortly after being posted on the site's construction fnece with the words "YUPPIE BOXES" followed by a frowny face, although it appears to have been replaced by now. While that was pretty funny, it obviously didn't cause SSJ Development to reconsider or anything. The 70-unit building has yet to be fitting with its facade, so it doesn't really look anything like the rendering yet, but don't worry — that's coming.

We'd love to know who designed this building, but none of the recent DOB permits lists an architect. Which sort of makes sense, when you think about it.
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