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Brokers Hope to Defrost Stuck Soho Pad With Frozen Mixer

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When a three-bedrooom duplex with outdoor space in Soho languishes on the market for 117 days, what do the Warburg brokers do? 1) Chop the price, from $5.25M to $4,750,000. 2) Throw a Frozen-themed open house, with appropriate cookies and games, cut-outs of the main characters for photo ops, and "a special appearance by Queen Elsa." The flyer for the event, pictured above, uses song titles to spice up the brokerbabble, including the Oscar-winning "Let It Go," (Let it go in this amazing condo townhouse....) "For the First Time in Forever," and "Do You Want to Build a Snowman" (even though it's June). Pandering to the blockbuster animated film's hype? You bet. (Even though it's not the kids who carry the checkbook.) Completely hilarious? Absolutely. Drop the tipline a note if you plan to scout it out.

UPDATE: Broker Jason Haber writes in an e-mail that he was inspired to host the event by his own child's obsession with the animated film: "I have a two and a half year old daughter that runs around my apartment singing 'let it go; all day long. So she was my inspiration for this idea! ... Since the price drop we've had so many requests to show it. I imagine it will move soon. But I really wanted to do something different and creative and Makayla's singing gave me all the inspiration I needed!"

· Listing: 255 Hudson Street [Warburg via StreetEasy]
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