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Former Acrobat's Park Slope Home Has a Trapeze, Of Course

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The beautiful Park Slope townhouse owned by a former acrobat, Sophie Demenge, and her husband Michael Ryan has one very special feature: a trapeze in the living room. Demenge, once a performer in San Fransico's Pickle Family Circus, and Ryan now run an eco-friendly, design-savvy children's furniture business called Ouef, and that expertise must explain why their house on St. John's Place between Fifth and Sixth avenues is totally filled with eclectic, cozy furnishings and art—and completely works. Though their son and daughter probably enjoy playing Tarzan on that swing daily, as it happens, anyone can take a swing, since the house is listed on high-end short-term rentals website One Fine Stay—for the modest sum of $1,112/night for all the available days in July. It just might be worth it.

Check out more photos of the picture-perfect family and house in One Fine Stay's glossy guestbook.
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