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George Soros's Daughter Wants $25M for 1844 Village House

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In 2006, billionaire George Soros's daughter, Annabel Soros Colombel, picked up a Greenwich Village townhouse on 10th Street just west of Fifth Avenue for what was then a record $11.5 million. What a different eight years makes: after some renovating, the philanthropist and her husband have just put their ridiculously luxurious 21-room Village home on the market for $24.5 million. That's actually a discount from when the five-story house first listed, in 2012, for a whopping $29.5 million. As per the Times, here's what the newly "discounted" price tag will get you: seven bedrooms; 8.5 baths; an elevator; three wood-burning fireplaces; a garden, terrace, and other outdoor spaces; a gym with a ballet barre and sauna; a "children's province" on the fourth floor, and a "meditation room." Don't forget about the $84,099 in annual property taxes! Sadly, there is no floorplan available, We've got ourselves a floorplan! And do check out the photos.

The best worst funniest thing about this house is the proclaimed lack of urgency to sell. (Guess when you're a Soros, $25M here or there is no big deal.) CORE's CEO Shaun Osher said: "Yes, it's back on the market, but it's not like they have to sell it... I priced this to sell, but not to give it away." Well then.

Just in case you want more (if somewhat outdated) views of the place, have a gander at the property's old listing photos, below, from when it made its brief appearance on the market for $30M in 2012. Note the red room.

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