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Six Apartments in Six Years; 35XV Is 80-Percent Sold

ALL OVER—Graphic designer Julie Reiters has created a video homage to the six apartments she occupied in New York in a six year period of time. On top of the impressive animation, the video is based on an impressive feat considering that moving is pretty much the bane of any New Yorker's existence. It looks like Reiters finally started to get it right towards the end there. Maybe six moves in six years is the education any renter could hope for—not. [CurbedWire inbox]

CHELSEA—35XV, that Tostito-shaped tower of condos in Chelsea, is now 80-percent sold. The remaining three- and four-bedroom apartments start at 2,324 square feet and are priced from $5.885 million. The priciest pad still available is the 23rd floor's 3,800-square-foot four-bedroom apartment, asking $12.6 million. The FXFOWLE-designed building was developed by Alchemy Properties, also behind the Woolworth Building conversion. 35XV hit the 50-percent sold mark in late March. [CurbedWire inbox; previously]