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City Councilman: Kentile Sign Owners 'Making a Big Mistake'

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A couple updates on yesterday's news of the iconic Kentile Floors sign's imminent demise: First, we've got the Department of Buildings permits (after the jump), which do indeed look very official, with stamps, maps, diagrams, and everything. One of them includes the words, "TO BE DEMOLISHED BY HAND," which sounds kind of harsh. In addition, City Councilmember Brad Lander, who represents Park Slope, Gowanus, Carroll Gardens, etc., released a harshly worded statement expressing his disapproval. It reads, in part:

I have written to the owner of the Kentile Sign (and the building it sits on), Ely Cohen of Regal Home Collection, imploring him to reconsider removal of this important piece of Brooklyn's industrial landscape. At the very least, if Mr. Cohen is unwilling to reconsider, he should commit to preserve the sign intact and donate it to a conservation organization for future re-use in the Gowanus area.
In recent months, the Gowanus has witnessed the demolition of several older structures. And many properties have changed hands, at prices far beyond what is merited by the manufacturing zoning in place around the canal.

Let me be clear: those who are paying big price tags for industrial buildings in Gowanus and demolishing historic structures on the assumption that they will be able to build market-rate condo buildings like those on Fourth Avenue are making a big mistake. We'll see about that.

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