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City Wisely Considers Flood Barriers Around Newtown, Gowanus

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Because no one really enjoys wading through radioactive storm surge, the city has issued a request for proposal for a study of the feasibility of erecting tidal barriers at the mouths of the Gowanus Canal and Newtown Creek. The RFP, scoped by Capital, specifies that the barriers should be navigable by shipping traffic and that both projects should include flood-preventing walls along the superfund sites' shores—not a bad idea considering councilman Brad Lander recalls flooding around the Gowanus with the intensity of a horror story, "I was out there and I saw with my own eyes, the Gowanus rose out of its banks for a couple of blocks. It dumped over petroleum tanks, caused fires." Uh, that's normal for water to do, right? Following July's submission deadline, the city expects the studies will take two years to complete.
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