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Guess What's Behind This Unassuming Brooklyn Garage Door

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Husband-and-wife architect duo Philipp and Kit von Dalwig bought a garage crammed, unsurprisingly, with greasy auto parts and derelict cars, spending $435,000 on 50 Lexington Avenue in Clinton Hill back in July of 2010. That brick-and-metal facade above? To them, it held potential. New York magazine's design poobah Wendy Goodman profiled the couple and their home in this week's issue—and boy, is the makeover impressive.

They added a floor, connected to the ground level by a simple oak-wood staircase with metal rails, and that houses two bedrooms and the master bathroom. But it's the first floor's transformation that's truly remarkable. "Today, the downstairs sitting room is bathed in sun; a glass-encased, open-roofed, James Turrell–style interior garden separates the guest room from the living area while allowing for natural light and air," Goodman writes. That little courtyard, pictured below, contains a carefully selected Seven Sons flower atop bluestone gravel.

The von Dalwigs' firm is called Manifold Architecture Studio, and they have a little description on its website along with their other projects, which include a finalist submission for a Governor's Island pavilion for Figment and a Pucker makeup store that just opened in Soho. They write a sweet teaser with their take: "A house in brooklyn - and it's not a brownstone: A 15x100 existing building, fully built out to property lines - converted from commercial to a single-family residential home. An exercise in typology, volume, program and light - and simplicity of materials. Photos by Naho Kubota - more to come." Yessss. We can't wait. In the meantime, though, New York has more interior shots to ogle.

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