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160 Imlay Developers Talk About 'Discovering' Red Hook

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Developers Est4te Four, who are very committed to replacing As with 4s, have published an entire 104-page magazine/promotional pamphlet called Hidden Pl4ces (pdf) devoted to their two Red Hook projects, 160 Imlay and 202 Coffey. In it, they shed some light on their mission to transform the Red Hook waterfront from a rundown industrial area filled with artists to a gleaming industrial chic area filled with wealthy artists. In their own words:

We think this will be a wonderful opportunity to regenerate a significant part of the area and build a strong creative community — rediscovering the industrial soul of the area with artistic craftsmen, and mixing this with media companies and recording studios will diversify and foster collaboration and inspiration within the community. That's all well and good, though it would be difficult to argue to anyone who has actually been to Red Hook that the area's "industrial soul" has been missing as of late (or ever). Then there's this:

Red Hook was like love at first sight for us. We were immediately intrigued by the mystique and sense that it was 'undiscovered.' Slow down there, Christopher Columbi. Red Hook has been around since well before you guys showed up with your fancy architects. It is worth noting, however, that the developers are planning on bringing a water taxi station and bike share program to the community, so that's nice. As are the apartments themselves, for that matter. And the outdoor spaces. Especially the outdoor spaces.

The 90th and 91st pages of the magazine feature a description of 160 Imlay's landscaped common areas, designed by Future Green Studio, which, quite frankly, sound amazing:

Discarded wood beams will be transformed into custom benches, providing a continuity in materiality. Rows of white birch will be arranged on an extension of the original column grid, recalling the peeling paint and the beautiful sense of perspective of the found condition within the building. Steel ribs in the ground floor garden will recall the rhythm, structure and materiality of the railroad that was an integral part of past operations. Hidden patterns inscribed in the concrete of the sidewalk will be revealed only when it rains producing an ephemeral phenomenon that will mimic the fleeting nature of memory and experience. Woah, that got a little heavy towards the end.
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160 Imlay Street

160 Imlay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231