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+ POOL Launches Dashboard; 500 Sterling Place to Lease Soon

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EAST RIVER—+ POOL, the concept-come-reality (sort-of) floating pool in the East River, has announced a partnership with Google Drive for a dashboard created to "keep the public informed on the quality of water" in the river-sourcing floating slough. Per Google,

The data is collected using a sonde sensor, situated off of Pier 40 at Hudson River Park. Every 15 minutes, it measures some of the most important water quality parameters for swimmability: Air, Temperature, Water Temperature, Dissolved Oxygen, Rainfall, Depth, Salinity, Turbidity and Chlorophyll. Additionally, they're testing for Enterococcus, the EPA's standard for water quality, once a day. The system compiles all the information being collected by + POOL's tests and consolidates it into a Google Drive spreadsheet using Google Drive API. Google Drive then publishes to the web using information visualization templates Google designed. + POOL and Google are currently testing the system through Float Lab, a temporary, floating science-lab version of + POOL docked off of Pier 4. [CurbedWire inbox; official; previously]

CROWN HEIGHTS—New development 500 Sterling Place expects to launch leasing this month. Although a teaser site for the property boasts studios to two-bedrooms as well as duplexes, no pricing has been unveiled for the units. The site, however, does provide a glimpse of the building's interiors. [CurbedWire inbox; official; previously]

500 Sterling Place

500 Sterling Place, New York, NY