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Comment Of The Day

"Okay, this is weird, but I seem to remember looking at an apartment in this building some 20 years ago. If my picture memory memory serves, the structure is in the backyard of the street-side building and you need to go through a gate and tunnel to get to the back-building. If this is the same property, the garden is a shared space — which you share with the neighbors in your building and the other building as well. If this is the same space, at least having the windows face an interior courtyard offer a little more privacy and security than if they faced the sidewalk. But when I see a step-down space in an older building all I can think of is "damp." Otherwise, I think it's an adorable space with a cool "Gangs of NY" vibe about it. Just bring a dehumidifier."—meechybee [No One Wants to Rent This Rustic Falling-Apart Chelsea Studio]