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The 300 Affordable Apartments Coming to Flatbush, Revealed

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Today brings an updated look at the circa 300 affordable apartments coming to Winthrop Street in East Flatbush. The Wall Street Journal has the details: in short, the former psych ward at the giant Kings County Hospital Center (where infamous serial killer the Son of Sam briefly stayed), shuttered in 2008. Located between Albany and Kingston avenues, the hulking structure currently sits abandoned, but developer Camba Housing Ventures will raze it this summer to build Camba Gardens II, a $96 million sequel to its first effort, called Camba Gardens I. The latter, which opened in October, is made up of two affordable rental buildings at 690 and 738 Albany Avenue, also the sites of former hospital buildings. They boast 209 apartments between them plus a patio, a green wall, and rooftop solar panels. The 256,330-square-foot follow-up, designed by Dattner Architects, will be equally green. Camba Gardens I also has basement facilities and services that help its residents with their finances, job hunts, and medical issues. Here's counting on Camba Gardens II having more of the same when it opens in 2016.

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