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New Affordable Housing Units Revealed in East Village

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A newly constructed residential building at 535 East 11th Street has just stripped its scaffolding, according to EVGrieve.

Subsidized by the Department of Housing Preservation & Development, the eight-story, 46-unit Mary Spink Apartments will provide affordable housing for homeless and mentally ill residents of the East Village (who—let's face it—have been screwed for years). It's made up of "studio apartments that will allow the residents to learn to live independently in a nurturing environment."

There's also a landscaped public courtyard, as well as a narrow, alley-like connection running between East 11th and the adjacent Joseph Sauer Park, which does not seem like a very good idea.

· "Construction watch: 535-537 E. 11th St." [EVG]
· 535 E. 11th St. [Edelman Sultan Knox Wood]