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New Madison Square Park Sculpture; Broker-Humanitarians

MADISON SQUARE PARK—Madison Square Park Conservancy's Mad. Sq. Art is unveiling a new summer installation, Folly by sculptor Rachel Feinstein. The piece is Feinstein's first public art exhibition in the United States, and consists of three follies, "structures that were popular in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century architecture, built with decorative rather than functional purpose." The piece is on display until September 7.

EVERYWHERE—A new company called Giveback Homes aims to "[turn] realtors into humanitarians" by enabling them to "donate a portion of their commissions to build a home for a family in need." It just launched in New York City and San Francisco, but has already built homes in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Nicaragua. (Presumably, in NYC, the phrase "build a home for a family" is meant somewhat loosely, as resources are probably better spent here placing in-need families in already existing apartments.) [CurbedWire Inbox]