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Kaufman Hotel On Canal Street Will Be 'Surprisingly Pleasant'

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It's been more than two years since we checked on the Gene Kaufman-designed hotel at Canal and Renwick Streets, but New York YIMBY reports that the building is nearing completion. A rendering posted onsite shows that the final product will be a glassy, inoffensive structure with a planted elevated terrace making for, in YIMBY's words, "a surprisingly pleasant" appearance. Sam Chang is no longer the developer; building permits and public records list Eagle Point Hotels as the owner.

The development spans the block, fronting on Canal, Renwcik, and Hudson Streets. It rises 11 stories on Hudson Street, and 10 on the other two sides. When it opens this November, it will offer 325 rooms. Scaffolding currently covers the building, which likely means that facade installation is ongoing.
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