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Peel NYC's Layers of History With Google Street View Tools

Some things change so quickly here that it's hard to remember what came before. Consider that problem solved, artistically to boot, for the not-too-distant past. The folks over at NYPL Labs have kicked Google Street View's time-traveling feature to the next level with a series of easy-to-use manipulation tools. Peel back the paint, literally, on the mural wall at Bowery and Houston, where Google has visual intel on the site since 2007. The same goes for the way-former CBGB Omfug marquee, which can be erased to unveil its signage today for John Varvatos. NYPL Labs programmer Brian Foo has made the code for the tools publicly available here. There's more coolness to be found on the NYPL Labs site.
· Peeling Off The Painted Layers of NYC Walls: Experiments With The Google Street View Archive [NYPL]