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$6 Million Park Slope Triplex Will Come with a Free Tesla

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The car-as-door-prize was a classic last resort for overpriced condos circa 2009, but now it is being employed by a Park Slope developer in a rather clever fashion. Eitan Baron of Greenstone generated some derision when his plans for a environmentally conscious two-unit condo development in Park Slope were shown to include a private garage. However, it turns out that Baron and co. have taken steps to ensure that even the garage will be eco-centric, as the $6 million triplex to which it belongs will come with a free Tesla electric car, Daily Intel reports. We'll just let them explain all that car stuff:

[The apartment comes with] a gray Tesla Model S sedan with the top-model 85 kWh battery — price tag: $79,900, plus an additional $2,500 for the stereo system and $2,500 glass roof, plus $3,050 for the technology package — parked in its garage, which will, naturally, be equipped with a Tesla charging station. Baron describes the giveaway saying, "It's like you dress up for the evening and put on a gold watch," which ... sure, okay. He also nicely deflects the question of whether or not he owns an electric car, saying, "I don't have the luxury of having my own parking garage." The listing is expected to go live within the next two months.
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