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Tour the $50M Penthouse at 66 East 11th, Where Leo Will Live

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The converted dress factory at 66 East 11th Street is not your ordinary high-end boutique residential building in the Village: it is the first building in the city to embrace Wellness Real Estate, in all caps. The term is the foundation of Delos Living, the brand backed by New Age guru Deepak Chopra and the likes of Bill Clinton that seeks to bring a health-centric approach to living environments. All apartments in 66 East 11th Street feature amenities like anti-microbial coating on high-touch areas, EMF shielding on wires, filtered air and water, Vitamin C-filtered showers, and circadian rhythm lighting that can be customized to dwellers' schedules. Sound appealing? We had a look around the building's 7,700-square-foot, three-bedroom penthouse that's on the market for $50 million. The penthouse also comes with the chance to rub shoulders with downstairs neighbor Leonardo DiCaprio.

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66 East 11th Street

66 East 11th Street, New York, NY 10003